About These Templates

We purchased these web hosting templates, and we have 100% rights to them. They were originally designed by AKDesigner's template shop, and they retail for over $100 each. In order to help our clients get the absolute most out of their reseller hosting, we decided that it would be a great idea to include these templates with our hosting packages.

Each template comes with a free WHMCS integration, a home page, a plans page, and a blank page. The plans pages are versatile, and they will work whether you're selling VPS, dedicated servers, or just plain shared hosting. The blank pages can be used to make a text-heavy page, like an "About" page, for instance.

All reseller clients receive one free hosting template. Additional templates can be purchased on our website for $14 each. This includes the PSD, WHMCS integration, and a coded version of the template.

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